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The true goal of education

Our generations are so spoiled. Most of the world lives in the richest times of history and yet we somehow find ways to fuck up our own lives.

So many people believe that they are entitled to this and that. So many believe that they deserve better treatment or whatever while they do nothing.

For example, I hear constantly self-pity stories about how somebody didn’t get proper education, how it’s expensive, how you need connections, and so on.

And there are some valid points…

But did we forget the true goal of education?

It’s not about a diploma from Harvard and it never was…

It’s about acquiring knowledge that you can apply.

It’s about learning how to make your life and the life of others a little bit better. It’s about defeating the superstitions that enslave you and become free to live however you want.

For God’s sake, MIT and a bunch of other first-class western universities have their whole curriculums published online. It’s the best you can get on whatever topic you’re interested in. Just one click away.

We are drowning in knowledge…

And yet … You know … No money, no connections, poor me…

I’m so mad right now, sorry.

You know, untold generations before us made all this possible. They deserve not only our respect and gratitude, but they also deserve their descendants to continue pushing the limits and make the world a better place.

We’re not entitled to that… must work for it.

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