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Checklist: What I look for in a coach

Checklist: What I look for in a coach

There’re gurus/mentors/coaches everywhere around us!

It’s an exploding trend and even industry to present yourself as somebody with rich experience and knowledge.

As somebody that can be a lighthouse on the rock which shows the way to the poor souls in the storm.

They are so many and so diverse…

And most of them are just “wannabes” that need a buck.

While a handful of others are the “real deal”…

So I came up with a short checklist that helps me separate the real deals from the scams ( as harsh as it may sound):

[ ] They’ve become successful long before they started talking about success

[ ] They’ve kept their success for a long period of time and managed to remain “common people.”

[ ] They’ve become relatively wealthy long before they started making money by selling books, courses, seminars, and coaching.

[ ] They must have a proven track record on the exact topic they are speaking on

That’s it.

This short checklist always helps me to find the best person to learn from.

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