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The immortal love of coding

Recently I started writing a lot about the new stuff in my “toolbox” for two reasons:

First, I need to practice my English writing skills, and the best way I know is by actually writing.

Second, I like to think about coding. And you know what? If you want an idea to crystallize in your mind, you try to explain it on paper.

But guess what happened yesterday?

I was jotting something down about the shiny, new stuff when suddenly I felt awful guilt:

“And what about all the other awesome things that were making you happy 5 min earlier, before the end of the working hours?”, it whispered accusingly

“Well, lemme tell ya something,” I answered.

“PHP is my first coding love. Love dating back to 2006 when I saw code for the first time. That’s not something you forget.

This language is a constant part of my evolution as a coder, blogger, and even – a person. My whole character is built on those sleepless nights trying to understand the complex principles of writing software I was reading about with my simple, “first-grader” English.

So don’t you dare even hint at the idea that I’m not faithful by striving to expand my dev world views!

But, yeah, maybe it’s a good idea to write something on this topic.”

Then I put my conscience to rest in peace

Featured Image: Roman Synkevych on Unsplash

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