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My uncomfortable secrets for a “Work-Life Balance”

Work-life balance…

It’s a catchy phrase, I know.

Especially today, when many of us do our job from the kitchen…

Or the living room.

While striving to come up with something acceptable for everyone involved:

The kid wants breakfast. The boss wants results. The messenger beeps.

It’s madness.

But you know what?

Most of us didn’t have that balance before the virus, and probably most of us won’t have it after it.

When I hear this phrase, I remember my graduation.

I was dreaming about living on my own and I couldn’t see any value in continuing my education.

My plan was to work as a waiter during the days and then spend my tips on booze and good company during the nights.

You already know what happened:

The reality slapped me hard in the face.

With a wage, that was just enough for renting a small room.

Plus: I didn’t like the job at all.

That’s how I started unveiling the “Work-Life Balance”.

Later I came up with the following (uncomfortable) secrets:

– Find out your talents
– Find out a trending profession
– Choose the one that gives you pleasure
– Learn to market your skills
– Continue working on your skills

These things free my way and push me forward so I can have the resources to spend quality time with my loved ones.

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