What a miracle in the modern world

A website that doesn't try to sell you anything

It’s true even if you don’t believe it… Nothing is for sale so you’re saving a big amount of money just by hanging around here and not elsewhere

Let Me Introduce myself

My name is Sashe Vuchkov and I’m a web developer with a strong interest in digital marketing. I create a lot of free stuff (articles, software, good vibes…), but I also have a wild entrepreneurial spirit, so I will not hesitate to fight the competition for your money.

But be calm…

For now, this is a safe place where I promise you not to apply my almost non-human persuasive skills and hypnotize you to buy everything I have to offer you.

Learn & practice

Personal Growth

Dream a lot

create value

Where I come from

I live in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria – a crossroad where Western Pragmatism meets Eastern Wisdom.  

So we are always on the fence… 

Drinking wine and listening to melancholy songs in a desperate attempt to forget about the inevitable and painful fall that constantly threatens us but actually never happens.

Core Skills

Web Development

It’s the phenomenon that opened the doors of prosperity and self-development for me

Search Engine marketing

It’s so much funnier and profitable when your folks discover you on the web 24/7


A passion for communicating with others efficiently and expressing my full potential

project management

It’s not a dictatorship, but a tough love that will get us where we want to be sooner

Social media marketing

The miracle of the 21st century that helps us to connect with people all over the world

Success Philosophy

We all should have a philosophy but resist the temptation to become philosophers
Hours of Learning
Lengthy Notes

Working Process

Set a goal

Always want and love to know where I’m headed to and where I’m now

Create a plan

Without planning, our goals are just foggy dreams for a better world

Take Action

Acting fast and persistently on our big goals and ideas is what makes them real

Always learning

The path to a goal is a straight line beneath a mountain in a foreign land

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